Audit is the best way to understand current practices and processes. It helps in highlighting areas for improvement. Outcomes from the audit can be categorized and implemented in short, medium and long term as per cost-benefit analysis.
Loosing energy is akin to loosing revenue. Integration of different streams and energy recovery from process equipment can be devised to stop this in-house loss.
Care for environment need not be a dent in your profit. We can evaluate how the stream “currently termed as waste” can be put to use and contribute to cash flow. We believe effluent of one can be valuable for other. This can be achieved through minimal treatment if required.
Cost of raw material or feed is an important contributor to operating expense. Every mole of the material should be put to intended use rather than going to effluent stream. We can achieve this through proper design and operation of the process equipment.
Improving the process efficiency is imperative to reduce cost of production. We achieve this by evaluating what can be improved to increase the rate of production. We can also evaluate if incorporating catalyst can improve process yield or selectivity.
It is always prudent to be in touch with latest technological happening in areas related to your business. Usage or adoption of new technology/process for your product can make boost your competitive advantage by miles. We can evaluate and implement such technology in your premises and train your people in using it.
Debottlenecking is the most economical way to get maximum value from the existing asset. We can study the current process configuration to find the “limiting or controlling” section or unit. This is followed by putting resources to overcome this limit or control to enhance production volume or quality.
Many a time process equipment operate below their rated capacity. This could be due to limit created by improper fluid dynamics leading to inefficient heat and mass transfer as well as reactions. We can study the full equipment and suggest ways to use rated capacity.
Frequent equipment failure is a cost which reduces profitability. Smooth operation of any equipment is must to generate value from the investment. We can study the frequent failure phenomena and suggest ways to stop them and use the equipment to meet process requirement.
Looking to venture into new area which makes business sense to you. However you are confused about which technology/ vendor to go for out of so many options available in the market. We can be helpful to you. We can select the right technology and vendor so that you focus on execution. This leads to faster project implementation.
This is the most common question for batch process based plants. We can study the product kinetics and thermodynamics with reference to existing hardware to give best answer to you.
Are you looking for a new process for your product based on alternative raw materials or energy source? This could be the case due to cost economy for the current raw material or energy source. We can take this exercise and develop full process for you based on your choice.
We can design, fabricate and install process equipment employed in laboratory and pilot plant to meet requirement of your in-house R&D team engaged in process or product development.
We intend to incorporate this service in our portfolio soon. In this you can rent our pilot plant and analytical facility for your process or product development need. The pilot trials can be used to generate small production for market survey or data for design of full scale plant.
Pilot plant is good for research and not for long term production. Hence scale up is imperative to take advantage of economy of scale. We provide scale up services to achieve smooth transition from small scale to large scale so that you can start production rather than solve problems in the full scale plant